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AMNAH CLINIC was founded in 2009 in Tempe, Arizona to provide healthcare and total body wellness following a holistic integrative philosophy that is focused on educating and training patients to empower them in taking control over their own health.

Later, AMNAH CLINIC was transformed into AMNAH COLLEGE to offer interested students with an enriched learning environment that would help them accomplish their academic goals and better plan their professional careers.

AMNAH COLLEGE is registered in the state of Hawaii, United States of America. However, AMNAH COLLEGE is available to students across the United States of America and worldwide.

AMNAH COLLEGE is a member of the prestigious professional organization, the American Herbalists Guild, and graduates of AMNAH College are eligible to register with it and receive the designation (RH) to be included as a suffix to their names, titles, and abbreviations of their other credentials including the ones obtained through AMNAH College.

AMNAH College is also registered with the Complementary Medical Association, the international organization concerned with regulating colleges offering complementary health education as well as certifying graduates and practitioners in the field of complementary health therapies and education.​ AMNAH College graduates are also eligible to get certified with the Complementary Medical Association upon graduating from AMNAH College.

We at AMNAH COLLEGE are concerned with advancing natural health online educational programs and college degrees as well, and we are available to help you advance your healthcare career, so write us or give us a call to find out more about how we can help you prepare for the future!


Are you ready to advance your education and start a healthcare career or to complement your already existing practice or transform your business into a new era in natural health?

AMNAH COLLEGE offers you a wide range of natural health online educational programs leading to certificates, diplomas and college degrees in a variety of natural health fields!

So, make a decision today and enroll in AMNAH COLLEGE to join the world's leading natural health professionals who are proactively impacting people's lives throughout the world!

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Allied Health


Natural health online educational programs and college degrees in allied health. Allied health is the segment of the healthcare field that delivers services involving identifying, evaluating and prevention of disease. Allied health services also encompass dietary and nutrition services, physical therapy, rehabilitation, health administration, health informatics, imaging technology, pharmacy technology, and medical laboratory testing...

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Natural health online educational programs and college degrees in apothecary. Apothecary is specifically concerned with ways to prepare herbal formulations such as tinctures, decoctions, infusions, salves, lozenges, compresses, capsules, oils, waxes, vinegar-based herbal solutions, elixirs, vapor bathes, plasters, pills, enemas, vaginal washes and suppositories, herbal teas, flower infusions, glycerin-based tinctures, herbal balls, and many other delivery forms. Apothecary also trains you to use the same equipments used by chemists and alchemists alike...

See AMNAH's Apothecary programs of study



Natural health online educational programs and college degrees in aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is the use of natural aromas, essences, fragrances, and essential oils extracted from herbs in the ease of body and mind ailments as well as for personal hygiene, body cleansing, and in spas and beauty salons. Aromatherapy is usually considered a branch of herbology and frequently used by herbalists and in herbal medicine. Aromas include many substances like natural fragrances, essential oils, candles, soaps, burning essences, and burning of some types of herbs like sage...

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Natural health online educational programs and college degrees in biomedicine. Biomedicine is a cornerstone of modern medicine that integrates biological and natural science principles. It especially applies to physiological processes like coping with stress and environmental effects on genes. AMNAH College has been establishing a biomedicine doctor (BioMD) program...

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Complementary & Alternative Medicine


Natural health online educational programs and college degrees in complementary & alternative medicine 'CAM'. CAM refers to complementary and alternative medicine. Alternative medicine is the use of non-mainstream approaches in place of conventional medicine. Whereas, complementary medicine combines alternative medical approaches together with conventional medical approaches... 

See AMNAH's Complementary & Alternative Medicine programs of study



Natural health online educational programs and college degrees in detox. Detox is the process of lowering the body's toxic burden and eliminating as much toxins from the body as possible. Detox involves multiple practices such as fasting, juicing, drinking a lot of water, the use of fiber in eliminating toxins from the digestive system, the use of chelation agents and active charcoal as well as herbal detox formulas...

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Functional Medicine


Natural health online educational programs and college degrees in functional medicine. Functional Medicine focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of disease through using a systems biology-based approach as each symptom or differential diagnosis may be one of multiple ones that contribute to the illness. The exact manifestation of each cause of disease depends greatly on a person’s genes, the environment, and his/her lifestyle. Functional medicine tries to find treatments and healthy lifestyles that can address the right course of action that will have a lasting ease instead of symptom suppression...

See AMNAH's Functional Medicine programs of study

Herbology & Herbal Medicine


Natural health online educational programs and college degrees in herbal medicine. Herbology is the science of identifying and studying herbs, ways of using herbs in industrial and health applications, methods of herbal extraction and preparation. Herbal medicine uses plant seeds, berries, roots, leaves, bark, or flowers for medicinal purposes. It is also concerned with researching herbs pharmacology and toxicology, and calculating safe dosage...

See AMNAH's Herbology & Herbal Medicine programs of study



Natural health online educational programs and college degrees in homeopathy. Homeopathy or homeopathic medicine is a major modality in naturopathic medicine. It was created in 1796 by Samuel Hahnemann based on his doctrine of like cures like: a substance that causes the symptoms of a disease in healthy people will cure similar symptoms in sick people. Homeopathy has its own materia medica as well as its own system of dilutions strengths and dosing...

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Integrative Medicine


Natural health online educational programs and college degrees in integrative medicine. Integrative medicine reaffirms the importance of the relationship between practitioner and patient, focuses on the whole person, is informed by evidence, and makes use of all appropriate therapeutic approaches. Read more about AMNAH College's integrative medical programs of study in the various fields of natural health such as integrative herbology, integrative aromatherapy, and integrative apothecary...  

See AMNAH's Integrative Medicine programs of study

Natural Medicine


Natural health online educational programs and college degrees in natural medicine. Natural medicine is the sole use of substances found in nature such as stones, gyms, volcanic ash, sand, sea salt, light, plants, fungi and mushroom, food, animal secretions (bee honey & pollen, milk, venom), and animals such as blood leeches and doctor fish (fish used in spas and pedicure). Natural medicine is also explores nature to find natural sources and substances that can be used to optimize health...

See AMNAH's Natural Medicine programs of study



Natural health online educational programs and college degrees in nutrition. Nutrition is concerned with the actions of nutrients from food, minerals, vitamins and supplements "Nutraceuticals" on growth, reproduction, generating energy, health and disease prevention. Nutritionists focus on assessing food intake, absorption, and growth, and designing food menu plans to help clients achieve healthier lifestyle and maintaining weight...