Frequently Asked Questions

I am not sure how to enroll, would you please explain?

First of all, you would need to spend some time on the website to explore all the offered study programs and courses. Then you visit the admissions page, where you will find an enrollment form, you fill it and then hit SUBMIT. Later, you can submit any required documents at the time of enrollment (a government-issued photo ID and copies of any transcripts you wish to provide to prove prior education and/or courses you have taken before and you wish them to be evaluated for transferring their credits to AMNAH College).  After submitting the form along with the documents, you will receive an invoice for the application fee by email and you can pay the application fee securely through PayPal. The application processing and evaluation usually takes 2-3 business days.

Can I transfer courses and credits taken at another institute to AMNAH College? 

Absolutely, AMNAH College aims towards empowering you in advancing and progressing your educational journey, and not to hinder your accumulated education, knowledge, and wisdom. We will accept transferring courses and credits from other academic and training institutes as long as they are compatible with the field and level of education you are seeking at AMNAH College. For example, if you chose to pursue a master's degree in herbology at AMNAH College, then it would be possible to transfer a course in plant or human biochemistry, botany, nutrition or herbology taken at a master's degree level or equivalent. On the other hand, it would not be possible to transfer a course taken at high school level or a course in music history taken even at a doctorate level. The transferred courses and credits must be compatible with the field and level of education being seeked at AMNAH College.

Always attempt reaching an AMNAH College enrollment advisor or representative if you have any question about transferring a course or prior educational credit.

Great! But how about if I wish to apply the completed courses credits at AMNAH College in other AMNAH College study programs? 

Absolutely, you will be able to apply the credits you received at AMNAH College in other AMNAH College programs of study. You have deserved and earned those credits at AMNAH College, so why would AMNAH College deny you the right of reusing them in future studies. 

Can I transfer courses and credits taken at AMNAH College to another institute? 

Just as AMNAH College has the choice of accepting or denying transferring courses and credits from other institutes to AMNAH College. Other institutes also have the choice to accept or reject transferring courses and credits from other institutes to theirs. We at AMNAH College chose to accept transferring courses and credits taken at any other institute as long as they are compatible with the field and level of education being seeked at AMNAH College. However, it will be up to other institutes to accept or reject transferring courses and credits from AMNAH College to their institutes. 

I paid tuition, do I have to pay for textbooks or other study materials? 

Yes, for the majority of the courses. However, almost all the assigned textbooks and study materials are affordable. Most courses assign a single textbook. The average cost for the assigned textbooks is $10-15. Assigned textbook(s) for one course will be usable in future courses as well as in your future career, so it is worth the investment.

What kind of school is AMNAH College and What is its study method? 

AMNAH College is a private online distance learning school; meaning that you have the advantage of not needing to relocate to live on or nearby the school campus since AMNAH College is an online school. Also, since it is a distance learning school then the student, generally speaking, studies independently and according to his/her own pace. However, AMNAH College's advisors and instructors are available 24/7 to guide, advise, and assist the student in study materials and subjects as well as guiding students in building their future careers and integrative health and wellness businesses.

How about assignments and exams? 

Most of AMNAH College courses have open-book exams and/or written assignments. Students will have all the time they need to finish the exams or the written assignments. Those exams and assignments are meant to aid the students in verifying that they have comprehended the subject. All exams and assignments are conducted open-book and done wherever and whenever is suitable for you. Additionally, all exams and assignments are submitted online, so you do not need to mail them.

But what about if I am unable to understand what is being asked in an assignment or exam and could not complete it? 

AMNAH College's advisors and instructors are available 24/7 to guide, advise, and assist the student in study materials and subjects as well as guiding students in building their future careers and integrative health and wellness businesses. If you have an question then all what you need to do is to contact AMNAH College by calling, chatting, and/or emailing.

What are the passing rates and grades for exams and assignments at AMNAH College?  

Almost all students attending AMNAH College are capable of passing the assigned assignments and exams since those assignments and exams are designed with the goal of empowering the students in their studies and careers rather than intending to fail them. The passing grade is 70% in some courses and 75% in other courses.  

Who can apply to AMNAH College? 

Any person age 18 and older can directly apply to AMNAH College! We do not discriminate against students based on their nationality; race; political, cultural or religious beliefs; color or gender. 

Would I fit as a student at AMNAH College?  

You will fit if you are a self-motivated student who can study independently, who can self-manage his/her own schedule, and who is passionate about becoming part of AMNAH College in advancing integrative healthcare worldwide. 

For how long has AMNAH College and its student advisors and instructors been in online health education? 

AMNAH College and its members have been in the field of interactive health education and training since 2003. AMNAH Clinic has been in operation since 2009. AMNAH College online educational infrastructure has been in operation from the State of Hawaii since 2014.

What is the current standard tuition rate at AMNAH College? 

AMNAH College aims towards providing students worldwide an affordable education! As of April 2019, the standard tuition per credit hour at AMNAH College is $50, which is one of the most affordable tuition rates in comparison with many other academic institutes. Please visit the tuition page for detailed information.

How can I pay tuition? 

AMNAH College tries to make paying tuition as feasible as possible by providing the students various ways of paying tuition, including:

  • Paying tuition by a monthly installment plan that can be affordable to every student and especially the students who cannot afford to pay the full program or course tuition at once. Monthly payments range from $100 to $150 plus the monthly processing fee.

  • Paying tuition for a single course at a time. Most courses range between 2 credits and 6 credits. Thus, the tuition fees for courses range between $100 for a 2-credit course and $300 for a 6-credit course.

  • Paying tuition quarterly. Each quarter at AMNAH College is considered to be a length of 3 months and a minimum of 9 credits. Thus, students who are enthusiastic and motivated to put more hours of study are encouraged to take advantage of the 10% tuition discount and pay for a minimum of 9 credits for a period of 3 months. A quarter consisting of 9 credits costs $405 and the student would have saved $45.


  • Paying tuition in full upfront for the whole program of study. This is the most saving method of paying tuition since the student will be waived the $50 application fee besides a 25% discount of the full tuition. Students who can afford to pay the whole program of study's tuition in full and are motivated to finish their programs of study in the shortest possible period are encouraged to choose this method for paying the tuition.

Do you accept military payment for tuition or federal study loans? 

As of now, we do not accept governmental payments of aid for paying tuition. AMNAH College is a private affordable online, distance-learning school and its current standard tuition rate is at $50 per credit hour, which is 10-20 times less expensive than other governmentally-funded or accredited online schools. We do not have the intentions of making AMNAH College's students borrow tens of thousands of dollars in educational loans and have them graduate with over $100,000 debt. Our goal is to empower our students in building their current and future careers with affordable education and save their additional funds or future financial loans to start their businesses rather than being overwhelmed with debt.

Do you have any special tuition rates or discounts for veterans and heroic workers? 

Yes. Besides having a 10% tuition discounts when paying tuition quarterly for a minimum of 9 credits and 25% discount when paying tuition in full; we also have discounted tuition rates for war veterans and heroic workers like fire fighters, paramedics, military personnel, police officers, and disaster rescuers. Tuition rate for these heroic workers and war veterans is $35 per credit hour. Please inform your enrollment advisor if you are a war veteran or a heroic worker. All what you would need to do is to provide us with official documents proving your veteran or heroic worker status.

Is AMNAH College a member school of the American Herbalists Guild? 

Yes, AMNAH College is a member school of the American Herbalists Guild. The founders and directors of AMNAH College have been members of the guild for many years. Therefore, our graduates can register with the American Herbalists Guild and receive the additional credentials of RH following their titles, names, and other credential abbreviation letters, including the ones awarded by AMNAH College.

Is AMNAH College a member school of the Complementary Medical Association? 

Yes, AMNAH College is registered with the Complementary Medical Association, the international organization concerned with regulating colleges offering complementary health education as well as certifying graduates and practitioners in the field of complementary health therapies and education.

Do I have to register with the American Herbalists Guild, the Complementary Medical Association or any other organizations?

No, you do not. However, keep in mind that registering and becoming board certified upon graduating gives you the additional credentials and credibility that will give additional confidence and trust in you by your potential clients.  

Can I practice with the degrees and awards I receive from AMNAH College in the USA and other countries?

Absolutely yes. You will be able to practice as an herbalist, aromatherapist, apothecarist, and integrative health and wellness consultant in the United States and worldwide. However, you always need to check with the specific laws of the country or US state where you reside or plan to practice since it will be an impossible mission to be up-to-date with the laws of over 200 countries and 50 US states. Remember, that AMNAH College is not a clinical school where you learn diagnosing, treating, or prescribing treatments as for those kind of practices you need to attend medical and nursing schools and receive residency training in hospitals for many years.