Are you qualified?

Quali-Amnah is a program that allows advanced students and professionals who already possess a large amount of expertise and knowledge in a subject matter to qualify for taking the final exam of the course(s) covered in the subject matter instead of spending months repeating the course(s) material and do all the work load, including assignments. This program is very useful for students who possess the knowledge and expertise from professional practice, but lack the academic course credits for it.

Requirements to qualify for Quali-Amnah:

  • Provide evidence of practical experience, or

  • Provide evidence of prior enrollment in the subject matter or a closely related subject matter, or

  • Provide evidence of recognized accomplishment in the subject matter such as published articles, books, videos, and

  • Be enrolled in any of AMNAH College's programs of study.

Application for qualification: 

  • First, the interested student and/or professional needs to be already enrolled into one of AMNAH College's programs of study or apply to enroll into one of AMNAH College's programs of study by following the general application procedures, including submitting the application form, submitting any transcripts, paying the application fee, and paying tuition.

  • Second, the interested student and/or professional needs to request evaluation for a specific subject matter and its related course(s) in writing by email, submitting all necessary expertise evidence, and paying the evaluation fee for each course in the subject matter separately.

  • If qualified, the student then pay for the examination fee for each course and choose the date to be taken.

  • The passing grade is 70%.

  • Students qualifying and challenging in the subject matter, but failed the first attempt, can retake the exam one more time only and must repay the examination fee, but not the evaluation fee.


  • $35 evaluation fee for each course in a subject matter.
  • $75 examination fee.
  • $50 examination retake fee, if failed in first attempt.